The written word is empowering. It can be used to educate and inform. We use words to encourage actions and inspire thoughts. With our words, we can enrich the lives of others. Writing is a powerful form of communication to express our thoughts, our emotions, and our beliefs. Join me on my journey as I use the written word to share tips on the craft of writing and on my personal development as a writer and a person.

Laura R.

About Me
(Written in third person because writing this in first person seems way too self absorbed!)

Laura is a graduate of the University of Portland, Portland, Oregon.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double-major in Communications and English. After graduation, Laura moved to Los Angeles and worked in the film industry.  She was the Production Coordinator for Back to the Future – The Animated Series.  She was also the assistant to the Producers/Story Editors for this production as well as for several other productions.

In recent years, Laura has written content for numerous websites.  She has contributed content in the production of promotional materials, including brochures and assorted print projects.  She has assisted with promotional membership materials for non-profit organizations.  She has also provided content support for social media postings for clients. As a professional writer, Laura still enjoys pursuing creative writing challenges to inspire self-expression and hone her skills.

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