Calling all WP bloggers…

Hello, my fellow WP bloggers…

As I sort through all the WP blogging resources, I’ve decided to ask you, fellow users, a few things about this amazing platform.

I’ve noticed that other bloggers are ‘liking’ my blog posts. When I attempt to find their blogs, I am taken to their Gravatar instead.

  • How can I find you and read your blogs?
  • How do I ‘like’ other blogs?
  • How can I actively follow your blogs?

My background with WP has been as a web content writer. I’ve placed content, GenX photo galleries, and SEO for clients. These were the professional WP theme sites and not the blogging side of WP (which, of course, is what WP was initially developed for but has evolved).

So, as I continue to learn the WP blogging platform, I humbly ask for your wisdom and experience. Anything you wish to share with me will be helpful and greatly appreciated!