Today, I Stood in the Sun

Today, I stood in the sun.
White, puffy clouds meandered by, unaware of my presence.
They teased the sun, jostling to and fro, blocking its light.
The sun remained in place; patient, steady, still.
The clouds soon tired of their game.
They floated away, eastward bound.
Today, as I stood in the sun, I was patient, steady, still.
I saw the sun and the clouds, felt the warm air on my skin.
I heard buzzing insects and felt the ground beneath my feet.
I was aware of the world outside of my thoughts.
Today, as I stood in the sun, the sun taught me a lesson.
Worry and doubt distracts me.
Fear prevents me from seeing, from being.
To be patient and still; to shine steady like the sun.
Today, as I stood in the sun, the sun just let me be me.

– Laura L. Roberts
August 19, 2017