Jar of Abundance

She kept her abundance in a jar
on the windowsill
by the back door
She would briefly glance from time to time
at her jar of abundance
as she would take out her trash
or as she hustled out the door for work

Her jar of abundance would shine
brilliant colors of the sun
Gold, yellow, orange, copper
Hues of happiness, joy, contentment
Of all the good things
one person could possibly possess
Every want or need met

One day, while leaving the house
she felt a sense of loss, of unhappiness
She looked at her windowsill
by the back door
The sudden realization hit her
with the force of a hard, brutal blow
Her jar of abundance was gone

Frantically, she began to search
for her jar of abundance
She looked under beds, in closets
in cupboards, in the shed out back
She tore apart her desk
and dismantled her dresser
Desperation turned to deep sadness

She lived her life, yearning
Longing for her jar of abundance
Her days grew hectic, chaotic
Filled with endless worries
about such things as bills and
financial obligations and debt
A sense of hopelessness engulfed her

One day, without much notice
her jar of abundance returned
A layer of dust had dimmed
all the brilliant hues
She carefully picked up the jar
Gently dusting it, polishing it
Examining it more closely than ever before

She looked down at the jar
which she held firmly in her hands
The hues were still beautiful
Not as bright as before
but still lovely to hold and behold
She vowed to never take for granted
the blessings her jar of abundance offered
as she placed it on the center of her table

Laura L. Roberts