The Development of My Blog

Welcome to Straighten Up and Fly Write!  As a personal blog, my goal is to share writing tips, create motivation and inspiration, and encourage others to actively blog. We all have stories to share. Each person is the author of his or her own life and, through writing, one can claim authorship. Through blogging, we now have the ability to express who we are – in first person.

I believe that if you can write, you have the potential to be a writer. Writing is a craft. It requires practice to hone these skills to communicate with clarity. Some people have had the advantage of education. In this world, education is a privilege for just a select few. In many countries, the opportunity for basic education is denied due to socio-economic conditions – sexism, poverty, racism, religious beliefs, etc. Even without formal education, people are still drawn to communicate in writing on social media and online. We are compelled to reach out to others to communicate.

We are indeed social creatures who yearn to belong to a group yet celebrate our personal, unique existence. We write, we speak, we paint, we craft, we sing, we build, we act, we dance, we create –  we explore many ways, through many mediums, to express who we are as individuals and the condition of our world. We also strive to identify ourselves as members of groups.  We share our beliefs, our views, our perceptions, and our emotions; we do want to belong, to have membership, in ‘communities’ and groups of people that are like-minded. With each writing opportunity, you have the ability to share and have the potential to find others who share your beliefs, your experiences, your interests, and your passions. Writing may allow you to create positive connections as you share who you are and what you believe.

Keep in mind, though, that your words may also alienate people from you. Within my country, USA, I know we are politically divided almost right down the middle. There is a big, fat line between liberals and conservatives. It is safe to say that my political beliefs will alienate me from approximately 50% of US citizens. If I choose the appropriate words, in the correct writing architecture, I believe I can still state my political opinions without much backlash. I guess we all have the power to use our words to either create positive or negative exchange. For me, I am choosing the positive way to communicate.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. It is still ‘under construction’ as I navigate through theme options and such. I am going to invite my friends and family to join me as guest bloggers. Over time, I hope they may consider creating their own blog. This is such an amazing opportunity to write, to express, and to share. Words are powerful. Let’s explore together the power of the written word through blogging.

Laura L. Roberts