Another Perspective: Poetry by Janice Hope Horning

Forest area along the North Oregon Coast

Poetry by Janice Hope Horning

Poetry Is

It’s the flavor gift of wood, of cedar planked and blanketed with a fish. It sends wind to fan forest fires, then brings rain to drown the smoke. It’s the fennel of my pasta’s sauce. It tells me I can indeed plant kisses on frogs though my sons puzzle and frown at me. (and I don’t care!) It’s the purplish flower on the tops of my chives. It trickles from the faucet of my throat, sometimes so slowly a modern camera couldn’t catch it as it appears.

December’s Snow&Ice in Olney

Loggers’ whistles don’t blow,
And their trucks cannot roll,
When the water is cold on the road.
Crow becomes king, and watches me sing,
As I carefully dance in the snow.

Hug A Logger Just Because

Caulk boots and suspenders,
Whistle and watch,
The logger departs for his truck.
King of trees indeed, and a planter of seeds,
Alive both by skill, and by luck.

Walking In&Out of the Wild Side

“Stay out of the bight!” is the first thing he learns,
When a logger puts boots on the ground,
Love of woods, water, rain,
While ignoring his pain,
Filling ears with the wild side’s sound


Janice Hope Horning was recently published in RAIN Magazine, featuring poets, writers, and artists along the North Oregon Coast. She lives in Olney, on Youngs River Road between Astoria and  Jewell  She currently works for BioOregon and has a “dashing dachsund and flashy flat-haired retriever.” She also has two grown sons, who deployed to Afghanistan at the same time to teach her patience. She attended Clatosp Community College, thanks to the Art Fertig Memorial Scholarship, and received the student body president’s award during her last year there. She attended Portland State University and earned an anthropology degree.