Poetry: She Couldn’t See The Light

Sun evading a cloud bank

Poetry: She Couldn’t See the Light

She Couldn’t See The Light

She couldn’t see the light
Her vision of life was unclear
A lack of confidence, of clarity
Ensnared by senseless fear
No momentum to move forward
Thankfully, taking no steps back
Just living a lateral life
Running circles on the same old track

It is a comfortable life, she concedes
No need to curse or complain
Swaying side to side in earnest
No one but herself to blame
The past is the past and it’s over
For this she knows all too well
And yet self doubt still lingers
Stagnation is a living hell

In one stark moment she realizes
As she steps side to side
Her dance of choice is predictable
And her life is passing by
Time to shake things up a bit
It’s what she needs to do
To live life loud and bold
The time to start anew

Walk at least one mile a day
Smile at strangers in the park
Volunteer at a new charity
Stargaze each night in the dark
It’s time to learn a new dance
Choreographed with passionate fun
Leaps, twirls, jumps, and swirls
Her face turns up toward the sun

Laura L. Roberts, 2014